Next level safety management

Safety certificates

Requirement for railway companies: Acquisition of the operating license to the safety certificate.

Safety has priority. This applies both to the entire rail transportation process and to obtaining the necessary safety certificates. Utilize our experience, network, and comprehensive expertise to swiftly and efficiently navigate the process; in Austria, as well as in Southern and Eastern Europe. We prepare the necessary submission documents, from obtaining the operating license to acquiring the safety certificate, ensuring operation within the overarching network while you focus on your day-to-day business.

Full service ahead

Appointments with the authorities, contract preparation, proof of an implemented safety management system: the path to mandatory safety certification is full of hurdles. Put your trust in our expertise – we turn a spit-route run into a relaxed affair in every respect.

0 percent stress. 100 percent output.

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Benefit from our service when submitting applications, obtaining and preparing documents, proofs and certificates. We arrange appointments with and at the respective national authorities or railroad infrastructure companies (EIU). We prepare contracts with the EIU or other service providers for you and conclude them if necessary.

We are experts in safety certificates in accordance with the fourth railroad package. Your key to meeting the legal requirements of EU Regulation 2016/796 and EU Directive 2016/798

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