Together on the Fast Lane

Our team

Ambition, Team Spirit and Accuracy: The Unbeatable Formula for Success

Customers from all over the world appreciate the honest handshake quality and the tireless commitment of our smart minds, who courageously rethink full service every day. Whether top manager, area manager, safety engineer, regional manager, technical engineer or (senior) transport advisor: strength of character, reliability and expertise are the key points that keep our motivation and your project running.


Johann Braun

Portrait: Johann Braun
Chief Executive Officer
Head of the Board

Anna Elisabeth Rechberger

Portrait: Anna Rechberger
Chief Financial Officer

Armin Rechberger

Portrait: Armin Rechberger
Chief Executive Officer
Health & Safety Officer
Quality Manager

Dominik Braun

Portrait: Dominik Braun
Chief Executive Officer

Area Manager

Tobias Böhm

Portrait: Tobias Böhm
Area Manager

Senior Transport Advisor

Josef Pöcher

Portrait: Josef Pöcher
Senior Transport Advisor Austria
Instructor BR Academy

Patryk Lisiecki-Fraj

Portrait: Patryk Lisiecki-Fraj
Senior Transport Advisor

Regional Manager

Kenneth Carlson

Portrait: Kenneth Carlson
Regional Manager Germany

Tadeusz Lomonos

Portrait: Tadeusz Lomonos
Regional Manager

Dumitru Catalin Popa

Portrait: Dumitru Catalin Popa
Regional Manager Romania

Daniela Karanesheva

Portrait: Daniela Karanesheva
Regional Manager Bulgaria

Bernard Van Durme

Portrait: Bernhard Van Durme
Regional Manager Benelux

Transport Advisor

Gabriel Ciorcirlan

Portrait: Gabriel Ciorcirlan
Transport Advisor

Lukas Gembara

Portrait: Lukas Gembara
Transport Advisor

Maciej Grzegorczyk

Portrait: Maciej Grzegorczky
Transport Advisor

Bernhard Gumpenberger

Portrait: Bernhard Gumpenberger
Transport Advisor

Richard Heuraff

Portrait: Richard Heuraff
Transport Advisor

Marcin Lomonos

Portrait: Marcin Lomonos
Transport Advisor

Eduard Metzker

Portrait: Eduard Metzker
Transport Advisor

Fire protection officer
Safety officer

Janos Orban

Portrait: Janos Orban
Transport Advisor

Rudolf Panzer

Portrait: Rudolf Panzer
Transport Advisor

Jakub Sikorski

Portrait: Jakub Sikorksi
Transport Advisor

Homologation | Safety Certificate | Safety Management

Bernhard Sommer

Portrait: Bernhard Sommer
Technical Engineer

Reinhard Böcskör

Portrait: Reinhard Böcskör
Technical Engineer


Richard Ulz

Portrait: Richard Ulz
Safety Engineer


BR Academy

Karl Haiderer

Portrait: Karl Haiderer
Senior Instructor

Office Manager

Daniela Haberstroh

Portrait: Daniela Haberstroh
Assistance to
BR ICS Germany

Barbara Lomonos

Portrait: Barbara Lomonos
Assistance to
BR ICS Poland

Service Center

Dagmar Puchner

Portrait: Dagmar Puchner
Assistance to the Management

Philip Helmer

Portrait: Philip Helmer
Marketing Manager

Christoph Hummel

Portrait: Christoph Hummel
Marketing Manager

Harald Willig

Portrait: Harald Willig
Human Resources

Katharina Roth

Portrait: Katharina Roth
Financial Manager & Accountant

Olga Mejstrik

Portrait: Olga Mejstrik
Financial Manager & Accountant

Sabrina Wannasek

Portrait: Sabrina Wannasek

Julianna Süto

Portrait: Julianna Sütö mit dunklem Overlay
Room Attendant

We value the diversity and strengths of every single employee. Together we form a dynamic unit that inspires and drives each other to always achieve the best.

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