"BR ICS offers a full service from the application to the delivery of the new, changed or extended safety certificate."
"Several years of experience, good contacts and extensive know-how ensure an efficient process in obtaining the safety certificates."
"BR ICS takes over the procurement of the necessary documents."

Safety Certificates

With the two components of the so-called fourth railway package of

the approval procedures and safety regulations in the member states of the European Union have been centralized. Safety certificates must now be requested at the European Railway Agency (ERA). However, the national safety authorities (NSAs) continue to play a crucial role in the test procedures.

We advise and support to file your application for safety certificates at the European Railway Agency and subsequently in the test procedures at the national safety authorities until a new, changed or extended safety certificates is issued.

Having many years of experience in licensing and approval procedures, especially in Austria and South Eastern Europe, we will be glad to handle the application procedure for you.

We take care of the application filing at ERA, establish contacts with the national authorities and support you to obtain the necessary documents.

In particular our services include: