"BR ICS represents many years of technical and operational railway experience."
"Knowledge, experience, caution and foresight as well as security are our most important key factors."
"BR ICS stands for successful railway safety management."

Railway Safety Management

BR International Consulting Services GmbH, united with its well-networked know-how carriers, represents many years of technical and operational railway experience.

We have made it our business to make our experience and networks usable for our customers and we are proud to offer you the following products in the entire federal territory of Austria:

In addition, we also offer interested customers consulting services for the areas:

in accordance with national and international standards and consideration for the applicable TSI.

Successful railway safety management is defined by a high degree of available knowledge as well as sufficient experience, but also enough caution and foresight to tread new paths with special consideration for the safety of the materials and personnel used, while simultaneously operating a railway company profitably.

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