"The excellent network allows an efficient approval of rail vehicles."
"BR ICS offers consulting services and the successful implementation of all necessary processes."
"The implementation of the process is carried out in accordance with the relevant terms of reference (ToR) of the European Union (EU)."

Rail Vehicle Authorisation for South- and Eastern Europe

Announcing European Guideline 2016/797/EG on the railway interoperability in Europe, better known as 4th Railway Package (4RP), the European Parliament is taking a further step towards opening up the railway markets in it’s member states.

This gives rise to new opportunities for railway undertakings (RU) arising thus new opportunities for economical transnational rail freight services and appealing passenger relations for their customers.
Nevertheless, prerequisite for efficient operation without loss of time or comfort is a country specific authorisation in cross-border service of railway vehicles for each member state.

We care, you’re on track.

Having many years of experience in the application process of vehicle authorisation and well established network of contacts with national authorities, notified (NoBo) and designated bodies (DeBo’s) we can take care of the entire process for you in all countries.

From the initial consultations, assessing national requirements with authorities in all countries concerned, carrying out the application process at European Railway Agency (ERA) or National Safety Authorities (NSA) and railway infrastructure companies (RIC), to the hand-over of the authorisation certificate - We are your partner of choice for rolling stock in all countries in- or outside the European Union.

Smoothly and out of one hand, whatever your requirements are.

Regardless of whether it’s a new registration after locomotive conversion, re-authorisation after revamps, extensions of the area of use or renewal of revoked certificates – Careful preparation, taking into account common guidelines, national restrictions and technical characteristics of all railway traction manufacturers we can guarantee quick execution for safety and conformity in train operation.

Certified services you can trust.