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In all operating countries, BR-ICS provides trained experts with many years of experience in railway business. International homologation of, as well as load securing on railway vehicles are the main working fields our professionals have been operating in. Consequently they know the international operations, have been well trained in international valid load securing guidelines and finally have excellent connections to the responsible authorities and institutions.

In addition, BR-ICS is a member of UIC and therefore has a part in creating and issuing the respective guidelines for load securing. Furthermore, the CEO of BR-ICS is a member of NATO TG-IST (NATO Transport group for Inland Surface Transports). Serving as a „railroad Co-ordinator“ he is responsible for Chapter 4 and 5 of the AmovP-4 (recently changed to AmandTP-1) guideline.

In order to provide a smooth and efficient homologation process of railway vehicles, it is essential to be familiar with the respective guidelines and procedures on the one hand, and to have excellent connections to the national authorities and institutions on the other hand.

For providing professional load securing services and to meet the special requirements of military transports on European railways it is essential to deploy well trained experts. Our skilled employees are very familiar with the relevant guidelines and regulations due to their longtime experience in that business, which is what guarantees the success of the operation.


BR International Consulting Services (BR-ICS) was founded in June 2015.

The reason behind this decision was the excitement of owning an own enterprise on the one hand and potential customers who were interested in taking advantage of our know-how regarding homologation processes of railway vehicles on the other hand.
When those preliminary talks finally led to a contract, things developed pretty fast.

Due to our valuable contacts in Europe as well as to excellent connections to the local authorities, NoBo's as well as DeBo's it wasn’t surprising when the first achievements soon came along in form of licenses of different types of loco.

It was in summer 2016 when the Very High Readiness Joint Task Forces’ military exercises of the armed forces and PfP Member States, including the movement of troops and equipment through all of Europe, showed the need to improve the mobility of forces, particularly in the area of load securing.

In the past twenty-five years, numerous developments in load securing of military equipment have taken place. Therefore, there is an urgent requirement for know-how as well as capable manpower on both sides, railway undertakings and armed forces.

Many years of experience in load securing enables BR-ICS to meet these requirements by creating an extensive offer to provide far-ranging services in Europe.