"BR ICS offers wagon inspector services in rail freight transport in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria."
"The BR ICS-wagon inspectors are always up to date with the latest trainings."
"Each BR ICS-wagon inspector is equipped with a motor vehicle and appropriate tools."

Wagon Inspector Services

BR International Consulting Services with all its subsidiaries in Europe is not only known for its high-quality service areas such as military transport, where we carry out loading and load securing according to international standards in various countries, but also for its reliability in the homologation of rail vehicles and the obtaining of safety certificates in Europe.

We have successfully attracted and hired trained wagon inspectors to carry out the task and responsibilities of our Transport Advisors for military shipments, who annually participate in, and successfully complete training measures in various countries, in accordance with national regulations, to remain up to date on their certifications.

BR International Consulting Services has therefore decided to offer wagon inspector services in rail freight transport for interested railway companies in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. The wagon inspectors employed have all the requirements for activities such as:

Our wagon inspectors can be used in the entire federal territory of Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria, as every wagon inspector is equipped with a car and the appropriate tools, so that various small repairs such as replacing brake blocks, screw couplings or similar can be carried out.