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Renate Rechberger

Joined BR-ICS in:
May 2018
Job Title:
Zodiacal Sign:
Job Description:
  • check, scan and post all receipts (e.g. outgoing and incoming invoices, cash, bank and credit card statement)
  • filing according to the rules
About Me:

...about me personally
During my career I learned to keep track even in stressful situations, to complete my tasks structured and accurately and to motivate and bind people. To be able to work independently, a high sense of responsibility as well as high customer responsibility characterize me. For me a respectful and appreciative approach is of great importance working with superiors, employees, customers and colleagues.

...about my way to work
A target and solution oriented, well structured way of working is of great importance for me. It enables a well-founded problem analysis and therefore provides a starting point for developing creative solution strategies within the team. My working attitude is characterized by independent acting, integrated into the enriching knowledge exchange of a team, esteem as well as the constant readiness for further learning and further development of the own abilities. A high level of commitment and flexibility characterize my work.

Renate Rechberger
Don't think about what you are missing but what you do have.
(Marc Aurel)

Renate Rechberger