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Employee-oriented protective measures in times of Corona (Covid-19)

Employee Protection Covid-19

Facing the current Corona pandemic (Covid-19), the question arises: "How can companies protect their employees from the Coronavirus?" The company group of BR Holding GmbH addressed this question and already found solutions. The result, employee-oriented protection measures:

Even though home office is currently experiencing a real boom, it is clear that this form of work is not applicable for every company. Especially services that presuppose physical presence in a particular place must find different solutions to handle the virus. Since many tasks of BR require physical presence, home office makes limited sense for the company group. Internal collaboration between colleagues and the management can be done via home office. Everything else, the load securing of military vehicles on railcars or the homologation of rail vehicles must be done as usual, face to face.

The limited home office use at BR doesn't mean that the workforce has to be worried. BR provides every employee sufficient protection against the Coronavirus. At the entrance of the office, employees can disinfect their hands. In case an employee doesn't carry a face mask, he or she will get one from BR. Additional disinfectant dispensers are easily accessible throughout the office.

Furthermore "protection sets" were prepared for employees who travel to different locations in order to carry out their jobs. A set contains a handy sanitizer dispensers, a face mask and gloves. All company vehicles are equipped with disinfectant for the hands and disinfectants for the vehicle interior.

There are many ways how companies can protect their employees from the Coronavirus. However, the user of the protection gear, namely the employee, must always be taken into account for the choice of measures. BR has chosen this approach and selected measures that are tailored to the respective application. Employees are therefore adequately protected against the virus and can carry out their jobs without any restrictions.