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BR International Consulting Services GmbH takes part at the DEFLOG 2019

The DEFLOG (Defence and Logistics Conference) took place for the fourth time in March 2019. An event that brings together the military and business with the aim of sustainably improving defense logistics in Central and Eastern Europe.

Defense logistics has experienced an enormous increase in importance since 2014. The reason for this is the so-called Crimean Crisis, a political conflict between Russia and Ukraine that has been going on since March 2014. Russia demonstrated that it is willing to move geographical borders and annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in violation of international law. The international military alliance NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) then decided to increase its operational readiness, which in turn led to an increase in defense logistics in Europe.

As it emerged during the conference, the defense logistics industry is facing not only growth, but also certain challenges. The military equipment, which will also be transported as part of the deployment, tend to become larger and heavier. For rail transport, this means that flat wagons need technical adaptations to enable a continued safe transport.

Johann Braun, Managing Director of BR Holding GmbH adds: "Even if the corresponding flat wagons would be available on time, there is still the challenge for the railway infrastructure in Europe to provide routes for this increase in transport and its requirements."

Solutions to the challenges of the currently dynamic industry are already being worked out and expected to be presented at the DEFLOG 2020 conference next year. It is clear that appropriate solutions must be found by 2020. One of the most extensive troop transfers in Europe will take place at the beginning of 2020. In the course of the "DEFENDER-Europe 20" maneuver, numerous military nations will rotate in Europe for several months. No more precise figures regarding the number of troops and equipment were announced at the conference.

BR International Consulting Services GmbH records its participation at the DEFLOG 2019 as a success and has already agreed to participate at the DEFLOG 2020.

Defence and Logistics Conference 2019 Defence and Logistics Conference 2019