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Internal trainings during the pandemic

Internal trainings during the pandemic

Since BR International Consulting Services GmbH ("BR ICS" for short) is ISO 9001 and SCC certificated, certain company processes have to be standardized and documented. The aim of this certification is to guarantee a uniform and internationally valid standard for technical service companies.

An important component of this certification is the training and education concept. All employees must go through a regular training process in order to be allowed to carry out the respective activity in the company.

BR ICS has developed its own training and education concept and implemented it in its processes. The internal trainings for BR ICS employees take place annually and, above all, are subject-specific, which means every employee group has its individual education. The company's load securing experts, the so-called Transport Advisor, have to go through a particularly extensive process. Their training includes a 20-hour theoretical- as well as a 40-hour practical training and is concluded with an 8-hour practical exam.

In view of the current travel restrictions in the various BR ICS branch countries, the trainings had to be adapted and carried out in accordance with the national COVID-19 regulations. In Poland, for example, no more than 5 people were allowed to be in a room at the same time. There were similar restrictions in other branch countries. Therefore, a mixture of online and face-to-face courses had to be done. It was gratifying that all employees accepted this mixture well and actively contributed to the trainings.

Josef Pöcher, Senior Transport Advisor and Training Manager at BR ICS: "The level of security we implemented in our trainings were outstanding. I am particularly pleased that, despite the difficult conditions, all employees have been successfully certified or re-certified. I am also looking forward to the trainings and educations next year - then hopefully face-to-face with all our employees."