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The tactical advantage of trains

The tactical advantage of trains

The British military magazine "DEFENSE & SECURITY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL" interviewed Mr. Johann Braun, CEO of BR International Consulting Services GmbH (BR ICS). It was explained how BR ICS supports military logistics on rail in order to optimize it in Europe.

The interview was shortened to the essentials:
Logistics play an extremely important role in the military sector. After all, a military operation only becomes a success if military equipment is in the right place at the right time. One thing must not be forgotten, namely the increased requirements that apply to this industry.

"A military transport has unique parameters," says Johann Braun, CEO of BR ICS. “Oversized vehicles, including those carrying dangerous goods (explosive materials), are transported through many countries. You have to know the weight, the dimensions, the number of loads and the infrastructure at the place of loading and unloading. This is the only way to move large numbers of military equipment quickly and, above all, safely. Rail transport plays an extremely important role in this. Although the other modes of transport such as air, ship or road transport are not to be neglected, rail has an advantage, especially when it comes to transporting oversized and heavy military goods in large quantities,” adds Braun.

Large quantities of military equipment should have been transported across Europe during the DEFENDER-Europe 20 military exercise last year. In addition to 20,000 US soldiers, other NATO forces should have participated in the exercise. However, the exercise was postponed due to the coronavirus. It is therefore a matter of time before military logistics, but especially rail transport, will increase significantly again.

BR ICS is well prepared for this increase. On behalf of international armed forces, the company carries out a full service in the area of loading and securing of military equipment on railway wagons. “Our employees take care of the smooth running of the logistics across Europe. Load securing is carried out at any desired European location. If problems with the load securing occur during transport, we will solve the problem. In addition, we also offer our support in the event of technical problems (defects in carrying wagons) that may occur during transport. No matter the time, no matter the location”, explains Braun.

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