BR International Consulting Services (BR-ICS) provides all necessary services concerning load securing of military equipment on European railways. As the only supplier in Europe of load securing of military vehicles on railway wagons, BR-ICS provides a reliable team of trained professionals in each supervised country.

The legal regulations for securing vehicles on European railways are laid down in the UIC loading guidelines volume 1 and volume 2. The securing of military vehicles is regulated in the guidelines of the NATO "Allied Movement Publication-4" (AMovP-4).  

BR-ICS is able to provide these services in Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria at various loading points including seaports, railway stations or military infrastructures with feeder lines. In these countries, several teams, consisting of minimum four persons each, are providing the correct lashing materials (chains, belts and /or metal thorn wedges) in the required strength (daN) according to the particular national law.

Also, when the train arrives at its destination there are teams waiting and ready to take off the load securing materials from the military vehicles in order to ensure a safe and uncomplicated unloading. We also offer emergency services in case of breakdowns of railway wagons as well as in case of a third-party fault concerning the load securing. In case of a breakdown the shipment will be moved from the broken railway wagon to another. In case of a third-party fault concerning the load securing, our expert-teams are able to solve the problem right at the particular border in order to enable a smooth onward transport.

All services are also available in other countries.