BR International Consulting Services (BR-ICS) offers consulting services for the rail vehicle industry expert counselling the process of homologation in the countries of Southeast Europe and Turkey.

The implementation of the process is carried out in accordance with the relevant terms of reference (ToR) of the European Union (EU), e.g. Directive 2008/57/EC or the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI).

These technical regulations with legislative acts (TSI) set the requirements and test methods for defined interoperability constituents and subsystems.

"Notified Bodies" (NoBo‘s) check and attestate them in an EC declaration of conformity.  

The services of BR-ICS range from: 

  • establishing contacts with the respective (railway) authorities, Notified Bodies (NoBo) and Designated Bodies (DeBo) in countries of origin, transit and destination;
  • consulting services concerning the preparation of documents, certificates and attestations necessary for the process of homologation;
  • agreement of dates and locations for the physical homologation process of trains with the respective authorities, NoBo's and DeBo's, workshops or infrastructure managers (IM);
  • developing contracts with several service providers such as railway undertakings (RUs), infrastructure managers and workshops;
  • Implementation of test running for the homologation process
  • Obtainment of national approvals              

BR-ICS offers consulting services and the successful implementation of all necessary and above listed processes.